Argh!! Just finished watching the last episode of one of my favourite TV series ever – Spooks (a BBC series). It is very sad that it has come to an end after 10 wonderful (and mostly really short) series but it is better to have a planned departure and end the series while it is on a high than to have some TV boss kill it due to dropped ratings and leave the loyal viewers without closure. I am gonna miss it and hope to soon find another good spy drama filled with intrigue.

Voortrekker monument and Freedom park

What Fun! Had a blast today. Picked up my friend in Centurion this morning to go do some “touristy” thing as part of my quest to do something fun and new every weekend this year. We wanted to do the Irene Craft Market but that was closed so decided on the Voortrekker monument and Freedom park in Pretoria and it turned out to be a lot of fun. The Voortrekker monument actually offers plenty. It is an interestingly designed monument with beautiful panoramic views of Pretoria, well kept gardens and trails with tables and benches everywhere, a shop, restaurant, heritage centre, wall of remembrance and old fort. You can even go horse riding or mountain biking. The steps leading up to the monument reminded me of the Spanish steps in Rome. You can drive to Freedom Park from there with an adjoining road but I was actually disappointed by Freedom Park as it does not really offer anything other than the memorial and wall of names. There is nowhere to sit in the shade, they have no restaurant or shop to even get a water or colddrink from and on a day when it was 29 degrees Celsius it was just too hot to be out there for long so we probably only spent 30min at the memorial. I don’t think it is worth the entrance fee of R45pp. The architecture, design and landscaped gardens are however beautiful. Late afternoon I went for a drink at other friends in Centurion and ended the day with an unplanned braai at my cousin. It was a very busy day but very much fun!

Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve

What fun! Went to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve about 30min from Johannesburg today and had a great time. It is a privately owned reserve with lots of different cats, game and big bird species. In addition to the game drives, you can visit the lion and predator camps which are separate closed off camps where you can watch the animals being fed in the afternoon. The animal creche hosts endangered, orphaned or young animals such as white lion, white tiger, blue crane, marabou stork, secretary bird, hyenas and cheetahs where you can even play with the lion cubs. You can make a whole day of it. There is a huge braai/picnic area, a pool, restaurant and even cabins if you want to stay longer. It was a stunning day and it is wonderful to know that there is such a beautiful piece of earth so close to the big city where you can just relax and enjoy nature. On our way home we had a late lunch at the Ngwenya Glass Village which was also fun. It has a few shops, a pub with live music, tea garden and glass blowing factory shop. All in all it was a great day!

Full Stop Cafe

Last night I went with friends to Full Stop Cafe in Parkhurst and what fun!! We went early, 6pm, so that we could be home early but had such a blast that we only left after 23:30, the last people to leave. So much for an early night. We didn’t even realise that the place had emptied out and it was so busy earlier that we couldn’t even find a spot to sit outside in the garden. Full Stop has such great memories as it used to be in Melville, way back when we were all in Varsity. It was a fabulous evening with great friends and special memories and the food was good but the crème brulée dessert was absolutely exquisite.

The girl with the dragon tattoo

Watched the movie, The girl with the dragon tattoo, yesterday after work. It was good but I prefer the Swedish version of 2009. The one thing that annoyed me was the accents, the lack of continuity in it and the fact that it seemed that everyone from the same family had a different accent – for the rest it was good.

Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall

What fun! Bought the Adele, live at the Royal Albert hall, blu-ray and really enjoyed the performance. The venue was majestic, the performance great and the emotion at the end was heartfelt so I really enjoyed the concert. Would love to watch a concert in a venue like that so have decided to put it on my wish list for my trip to New York/London next year.

Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows

Went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 and what fun!! I loved the script – so very witty – and Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr just have such great chemistry together. Nearly killed myself laughing at all the very comical outfits and disguises of Downey in the film. Was very surprised to see the woman from The girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy, Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, in the film. My favourite scene was the gun shooting slow-motion action scene in the forest which reminded me a lot of The Matrix lobby shooting scene of Neo and Trinity where they make mincemeat of the security guards. The slow motion of bullets flying and trees exploding was just too great. Very entertaining movie!!