Why I love Joburg

You can call it what you want, Jozi, Joburg, Egoli (aka city of gold)…but Johannesburg is the city I love and live in. It is a beautiful and leafy city, considered as one of the biggest man-made forests, and yet it is a vibrant and lively city – the biggest in South Africa with stunning weather and beautiful sunsets. This year (as one of my new years resolutions – and a fun one at that) I have decided to rediscover Joburg and the things I love in the city and its surroundings. Last night (at about exactly this time) my friend called me to join a group of friends for a drink at The Jolly Roger pub on 4th Ave in Parkhurst. It was very late and I wasn’t very keen on going but was persuaded and what fun!!! I arrived just after midnight and the pub was packed but I had so much fun. We left just after 1.30am and convinced the kitchen staff of the restaurant across the road to make us some yummy pizza. This is why I love Joburg. There is always a party to be had.

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