Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve

What fun! Went to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve about 30min from Johannesburg today and had a great time. It is a privately owned reserve with lots of different cats, game and big bird species. In addition to the game drives, you can visit the lion and predator camps which are separate closed off camps where you can watch the animals being fed in the afternoon. The animal creche hosts endangered, orphaned or young animals such as white lion, white tiger, blue crane, marabou stork, secretary bird, hyenas and cheetahs where you can even play with the lion cubs. You can make a whole day of it. There is a huge braai/picnic area, a pool, restaurant and even cabins if you want to stay longer. It was a stunning day and it is wonderful to know that there is such a beautiful piece of earth so close to the big city where you can just relax and enjoy nature. On our way home we had a late lunch at the Ngwenya Glass Village which was also fun. It has a few shops, a pub with live music, tea garden and glass blowing factory shop. All in all it was a great day!

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