Voortrekker monument and Freedom park

What Fun! Had a blast today. Picked up my friend in Centurion this morning to go do some “touristy” thing as part of my quest to do something fun and new every weekend this year. We wanted to do the Irene Craft Market but that was closed so decided on the Voortrekker monument and Freedom park in Pretoria and it turned out to be a lot of fun. The Voortrekker monument actually offers plenty. It is an interestingly designed monument with beautiful panoramic views of Pretoria, well kept gardens and trails with tables and benches everywhere, a shop, restaurant, heritage centre, wall of remembrance and old fort. You can even go horse riding or mountain biking. The steps leading up to the monument reminded me of the Spanish steps in Rome. You can drive to Freedom Park from there with an adjoining road but I was actually disappointed by Freedom Park as it does not really offer anything other than the memorial and wall of names. There is nowhere to sit in the shade, they have no restaurant or shop to even get a water or colddrink from and on a day when it was 29 degrees Celsius it was just too hot to be out there for long so we probably only spent 30min at the memorial. I don’t think it is worth the entrance fee of R45pp. The architecture, design and landscaped gardens are however beautiful. Late afternoon I went for a drink at other friends in Centurion and ended the day with an unplanned braai at my cousin. It was a very busy day but very much fun!

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