Montecasino bird garden

What fabulous fun! Had a great day at Montecasino. Planned to go to movies but nothing too exciting was showing so had a marvelous lunch at the Meat Company, which makes some of the best steak in town, and then went to the Bird garden which is just outside the complex. We were just in time for the Flight of fantasy show in the Tuscan amphitheatre where birds participate in a show and the bird trainers give some fun facts about them such as the owl is one of the least intelligent birds which begs the question of why an owl is considered wise. The show is about 35min long and when we arrived it was very hot and sunny but the weather changed and by the time the last bird came out there was thunder and lightning. A hail storm accompanied by vicious winds broke out and we were just too late to walk the 100m to the complex entrance and ended up being stuck at the bird garden where we had to seek shelter in the office with about 15 other people. We waited about 20min for the worst to pass and then thought it brave enough to walk with umbrellas in the rain. What we didn’t know was that there was a huge stream of icy cold water coming down the path and we were ankle deep in water – shoes and pants all wet. Our brave stupidity also sent all the others following us so everyone arrived very wet and with numb feet at the complex. It was however hilarious and very much fun because when last had you run in the rain. We didn’t get to see all of the bird garden which has beautiful pathways, gardens and other mammals and a frog and spider room. There is also a tea garden and hot air balloon that offers rides above Fourways. Monte offers lots of entertainment and is worth a visit.

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