Il Divo at Carnival City

What fun! Took my mother to the Il Divo concert at Carnival city (Brakpan). No judgement! I took my MOTHER. First I got lost and anyone who knows me knows I have no sense of direction which I myself acknowledge (except when playing Baldur’s gate with a friend when I refuse to use the map and of course know where we are going – ps the best PS game EVA!!!) So I have a Garmin which is cool. It does not however help if you program Carousel and not Carnival City. Luckily ma figured out we (when you are wrong it is always we and not me) were going in the wrong direction. So we arrived on time. It is not a particular favourite venue of mine but our seats weren’t bad and the evening turned out to be great fun. I am not crazy about the group but they were enjoyable and performed with a live orchestra and interacted with the audience and it was fun to see how a (let me be politically correct) more mature audience gets excited and jumps up and clap or sporadically starts dancing when they get carried away by the music (close dance, two-step, sakkie-sakkie style down the aisle). The concert was good and the music wasn’t bad as they sing mostly well known songs and the men seem genuinely nice and Carlos is very much a charmer. Some of the songs, like Mama, was however cheese galore!! It was still a fun evening that I enjoyed.

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