Oh what fun!! A friend decided to celebrate her birthday by taking a bunch of us to Knopberg for a breakaway and it was really special and truly fabulous. Knopberg is near Parys in the Free State and is situated in the Vredefort dome, a geological site of the biggest impact structure where a meteorite hit earth some millions of years ago. The drive there was interesting because we did the scenic route through towns such as Carletonville and Fochville. I haven’t been in Carletonville since a school outing to the Anglo gold mine an eon ago when we went to see how they make gold bars. We arrived just after 2pm yesterday and sat outside on the stoep with a drink or two and some divine toffee tequila – yum!!! It was a beautiful afternoon. Later on some of us had a little splash in the pool (old farm dam) while others had a little siesta – not blaming the tequilla. When the sun set we sat around a camp fire and played a murder mystery game where everyone got dressed for the part. It was great fun. We had a stunning Mexican dinner followed by cheesecake with fresh figs. We watched the moon come up from behind the koppie and gazed at the stars before sending Chinese fire lanterns into the sky with a wish. It was cool to see how high they go and how far they actually fly. Absolutely awesome day!!! A few of us were up before 7 this morning while others only appeared from their rooms before 9. We had some coffee, muffins and croissants and left to go explore Parys (next to the Vaal river) which is a quintessential artist’s town. We walked around in the shops, had lunch at Feast and came home via the highway this time. What a great weekend!! It was truly awesome – the place where we stayed was great, the weather was stunning and the company terrific!

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