Mike’s Kitchen Parktown

What fun!! The day started out with our boss taking the team for breakfast and catch-up session which was great and it ended with our supper club going to Mike’s Kitchen in Parktown (on St Andrews Str) after work. I thought it was the only Mike’s Kitchen left but apparently there are quite a few around. It was a great evening with friends. We sat outside in the garden and scanned through the Menuzine (menu in the form of a magazine – how funny) to decide what to eat. The Parktown Mike’s has a heritage menu with items like steak with avo and biltong or fillet with blue cheese and cherries sauce. It was a beautiful evening and I had a fabulous time. Tomorrow morning I am getting up early to go to the Irene Craft Market with a friend so it is the first time this year that I had to set my alarm (as I wake up the natural way). It took a while to find the alarm clock on my phone. Looking forward to tomorrow as I have been meaning to go for months. Better get some shuteye.

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