Irene Village Market, Coin World and Oriental City

What great fun!! The day started early as I heard traffic to Irene Village Market (at the Smuts House museum) was a nightmare so I was prepared to go early. Due to 101 little problems we only left Joburg at 8.30 but was very lucky to find a parking right at the entrance as people were leaving. The market is stunning with a great variety of original arts and crafts and stalls that sell clothing, toys, plants, books and food/sweets. There is a tea garden, food court, kids’ entertainment such as camel rides, face painting and candle making. I haven’t been to a market in years and this was a truly fun experience. We had a boerewors roll before discovering the stall that sold pancakes with a melted bar-one chocolate inside but mental note to have one of those next time as it simply looked delicious! We left at about 11.30 and decided to go to Coin World at SA Mint, less than 10km from the market. There wasn’t much going on as they do not offer tours of the factory over the weekend so we could only go explore the coin shop and see “Oom Kruger” the only surviving coin press of its class. Later the afternoon we went to the Centurion Oriental City which is similar to China Mall in Joburg. We went into every shop as it was intriguing to see that you can buy make-up, tools/hardware, serviettes, art tools, a cellulite pump and plastic disposable vases in one store. It is fascinating and crazy! Some stores really sell junk, let me rephrase, ALL stores sell some junk but if you dig around you will find a few cool items at great prices. I got myself a stunning phone cover for a phone I am yet to get so I have to make time to go do my upgrade next week and no changing my mind on the phone I want as the cover is already bought. We ended the day with more shopping as I failed to get my cousins’ children (whom I am seeing tomorrow) gifts during all the shopping earlier in the day but that sorted we had a late lunch/early supper at Nino’s and got home quite exhausted but what a day. PS: If brunch is the meal instead of breakfast and lunch, what do you call the meal instead of lunch and supper?

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