Design Quarter and Primi

I went to Design Quarter in Fourways today in search of a coffee table and bookcase. While I understand the change to electronic books and have bought a few, I still like the feel of a book in my hand, like to see how far I am in the book and love the sight of a bookcase with books in a house. I also like to keep every book I read as I would like to read them again in future. Electronic books are however very convenient when you travel. Design Quarter is the all in one stop when it comes to furniture, decor and design and hosts most of the big home retail shops. They have a few specialised shops such as Plascon spaces showroom where you can go see the effect of different paints in a special showroom, a kitchen design shop that has the most beautifully designed kitchens (but you will need to win the European lotto first) and some art studios. Design Quarter also has a  fabulous open courtyard with restaurants so you can make a day out of it and have lunch as well which is what I did. We had lunch at Primi where I had a fabulous Mediterranean pasta. I love Primi and have special memories of the Primi in Rosebank where I used to have a jam jar (a cocktail with white rum, cane, vodka, gin and fruit juice) and pizza with friends before catching a movie at Nouveau. I found a bookcase but not a coffee table which is most annoying as I have been looking for a while now. All I want is a dark wood coffee table with a drawer to put the remote controls in as I hate them lying around all over the place. You would think that is a pretty straight forward request but the places just don’t have it. I have found only one in my searches the past six months and that was at Furniture-warehouse in Kya Sands so I guess I will have to settle on that one. It was however a fabulous day out!


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