Rand Club

I went with a friend to the Rand Club last night for a tour of the once very prestigious club, previously only accessible by the elitist men of society where history, especially that of Johannesburg, was made. It was established during the gold rush of the late nineteenth century. We had a drink in the main bar, the longest bar in Africa, followed by a lovely curry and rice. After dinner we went on a guided tour through this beautiful old building that is entrenched in history. It was fascinating to hear about the history and especially stories of Johannesburg and to look at old photographs of Joburg. You cannot compare this beautiful city of today with its many green trees with the once barren landscape that was Johannesburg. There were almost no trees in sight and it was a dusty (in winter) and muddy (in summer) piece of land with no river. The club is more than 100 years old but it had some technology that was way ahead of its time such as a central vacuum system which I found most fascinating. I had a great time and took lots of photos!


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