Weekend fun – Wrath of the titans, White lies

I had a really great weekend. I went to White Lies on Saturday which is this really great coffee shop at the Gallery Centre on Malibongwe Drive, near Republic Road. I have driven past there hundreds of time but never took any notice until a friend told me about it and what a gem. It is a European style coffee shop where you can have coffee/tea and something sweet, breakfast or a light lunch. I had the bascaiola, pasta with fresh basil pesto, mushroom, bacon and tomato and it was simply superb. I also treated myself to baked white chocolate cheese cake. In the evening I went out and had a great time but got home rather late so slept till after 9 this morning.

I met up with friends today for the movie Wrath of the titans (at CinePremiere, Killarney Mall) and I really enjoyed it. The CinePremiere is absolutely divine. There is a separate popcorn and cold drink holder, place for your handbag next to you and about 30cm between you and the seat next to you with loads of leg room so absolute comfort. I have been in the mood for a big fantasy movie for a while now and for the past few months there were mostly slow, dramatic or serious movies showing so I was very excited about this, having not seen the first instalment, Clash of the titans. Afterwards we discussed all the flaws of the movie and the weird choice of accents but sometimes analysing something actually spoils some of the fun. It seems like a Hollywood trend for actors to keep their native accent which is weird as Hollywood used to convert people to an American accent or have a neutral accent. Ares looked a bit gay and overly dramatic with his fur and temper tantrums coz daddy loved his brother more, boo-hoo, but still it was a very enjoyable movie.

I think sometimes you just have to be in the moment, not over-analyse things, enjoy it for what it is and ignore the technicalities. I remember in Varsity a group of us went to see Mars Attacks just after a mathematics exam and it was the funniest movie I had ever seen. I have not wanted to watch it again as I am afraid that it would spoil my memory of that great day and how much we all enjoyed the movie and how we cried with laughed. Sometimes movies should just entertain you. There are a few more movies I look forward to, especially after the dry spell we have had so I want to watch Men in black 3, The hunger games (which I hear the book is excellent so may want to get that) and The Avengers having always been a fan of comic book hero movies.

After the movie we had lunch at Del Forno Cucina and they make a fabulous cup of coffee. I want to start a list of places that can actually make a decent cup of coffee as I am often disappointed and if a place stocks proper coffee and the right equipment it is not to say they can actually make a decent coffee so this was a welcomed surprise. What fun!

2 thoughts on “Weekend fun – Wrath of the titans, White lies

  1. I always find it hard to watch movies when the facts are wrong, the same way I find it hard to watch a movie if it is based on one of my favourite books. John is trying to convert me but he hasn’t succeeded just yet.

    • I know how you feel. You would think living in an information era where you can get info by the click of a button people would put just a little bit of energy towards getting the facts right. Movies also get released all over the world so if they get the facts wrong they actually offend a whole nation especially when it is something deeply rooted in a country’s culture. I don’t know if it is always worth it to read the book before the movie as you will be ultimately let down but sometimes, just sometimes it adds to it. I remember watching The bridges of Madison county and in the book things had meaning like the dust on the bottle of whiskey etc. Although the movie didn’t have any of the detail I felt I understood it better having read the book, like I knew and understood their feelings – and if you didn’t read the book the movie may have been a tad long. I think that is why I love dramas because you can never go wrong with telling a story about feelings because the way people feel are never wrong regardless of how you would have felt or acted in the same situation. So maybe you must stick with non factual stuff like sci-fi coz I don’t see Hollywood grabbing the Britannica just yet 🙂

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