Top of Africa and Arts on Main

What a fabulous day I had. I couldn’t sleep and was awake since 2am so watched the movie Another Earth and really enjoyed it. I missed it when it was on circuit last year but a friend told me about it so I was glad I got around to watching it at long last. The movie is about the journey of a girl in search of forgiveness after a night out results in an accident that claims the life of two people and the guilt, depression and anger associated with the people left behind and how they deal with the loss and possibility that another Earth has to offer.

I went to the Top of Africa at the Carlton Centre this afternoon to experience the panoramic view of Johannesburg from the 50th storey of the highest building in Africa and what a great sight! You can park underground and the entrance fee is only R15pp for the 29 seconds it takes the elevator to take you up. It was a beautiful clear day so you could see for kilometres on end. It was fabulous to see how close the FNB stadium in Soweto is, which is maybe better known as Soccer City where many South Africans (myself included) watched soccer during the 2010 Fifa World Cup. It is the biggest stadium in Africa and possibly one of the most interesting designed stadiums as well.


You can see the horse track in Turffontein, the rides at Gold Reef City and the various famous Joburg landmarks such as the broadcasting towers (8ta in Hillbrow and Sentech in Auckland Park), the Ponte (which is the tallest residential building in Africa), Wemmer Pan, Ellis Park (also famous for sporting events, especially rugby) and The Dome (where I saw Rammstein perform last year) but it was sad to see the lonely mine dump where Top Star drive-in used to be. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking! We wanted to take photos of the building from the outside but were quickly chased by the security who told us that it wasn’t safe for us to be outside. It is really sad that crime is such a problem and that you can’t walk around in town anymore. I was very diligent this morning and made sure I had no flashy jewellery on, no handbag with only an old cellphone, drivers licence, some cash and my small compact camera on me as to not invite the robbers to target you and do all the things you are told, walk upright with confidence, big steps, always alert but still we were warned twice by different security and decided to leave as a photo is not worth putting your life in danger.


We then went to Arts on Main in the Maboneng Precinct which is just a stone throw away but most of it was closed today so we only wandered around outside for a few minutes looking at Main Street Life and 12 Decades. I would like to visit it again and maybe catch a show. All in all the day was magnificent!

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