Café Picobella, Melville

I had drinks with friends yesterday at Café Picobella in Melville which is a delightful restaurant on Fourth Avenue. They converted a very old semi-detached house to make this charming restaurant that is full of character and has a relaxed atmosphere. The building still has those striking original pressed ceilings and wooden floors that are typical from the old buildings in Melville. We sat outside as it was a stunning and mild evening and ended up having a blissful time filled with wine, mojito and good company.


I haven’t been to Melville in years and it was sad to see how some of the places have degraded as this used to be the spot to hang out in Johannesburg especially for students and artists. It was however good to see that the Mays Chemist was still there after all these years as well as Catz Pyjamas – one of the few places in Jhb that is open twenty-four-seven, where you can get a bite to eat after a night out.


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