The Hunger Games and Emperors Palace

I watched The Hunger Games movie at Sandton City on Saturday night at 20:30 and was very surprised to see that Sandton was so busy that time of night as I struggled to find parking and the movie was full as well. The movie was good but a little bit long (over two hours and twenty minutes). I felt the book was much better but still enjoyed the movie as the story is very captivating. Even though I was afraid that the movie was going to be too youthful it actually appeals to an older audience as well. It was however very annoying that the people sitting next to us were busy SMS’ing or chatting and my friend lost it when at the end of the movie, right at the climax of the story, the woman’s phone rang – honestly, do people not have respect or manners anymore?

Yesterday I had to take a friend’s mother to the airport and we went to Emperors Palace for lunch which is a casino complex next to OR Tambo airport. I thought I hadn’t been there before (not being a fan of gambling) but realised that I was there last year in November for the Tori Amos Night of Hunters concert (which by the way was excellent!). Emperors Palace reminds a bit of Montecasino with the Italian theme and painted roofs and with a big David fountain in the middle. It has some decent restaurants, Nu Metro cinema, the Marcellus theatre and casino.


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