Lazy days…

What fun! I had a great day yesterday. I decided to take the day off which was just awesome! Sometimes, when you feel like it, you just have to do it. I had a lazy morning, watched some TV which is way overdue as the PVR is at 98% again and last year I had the same issue and then my PVR broke and I lost everything :-(. I do however get bored with TV very quickly which is why PVR is so great. Everything that used to take an hour can now be watched in 20 minutes especially any reality type shows and any result show I watch in 5 minutes as I am just interested in the results – why try and fill it with an hour of nonsense? In the afternoon I went for a haircut and tea at gran and in the evening I met up with friends for our supper club which was at 33 High Street restaurant in Modderfontein.

We take turns deciding on a restaurant and what is great is that you get to go to places you wouldn’t have known about or even thought to try. 33 High Street (yes, that is the real name) is a big old house that was converted into a restaurant/pub and serves mostly Portuguese and Mediterranean dishes. You can sit inside in one of the rooms, outside on the veranda or on the grass underneath a tent for a more informal pub kind of feel. It is big and spacious with a relaxed mood and generous food portions. It was a very delightful evening.

Today I went shopping, had brunch at Mi-Vami in Victory Park which make a stunning chicken pita and had tea with friends late afternoon at White Lies. In between I have started to read the second book of the Hunger games trilogy and have found this fabulous game on my phone – Words with Friends which is similar to playing Scrabble but you can play with random strangers as well. It is totally addictive and I have like eight games going at a time – not that it helps me. I suck! It is still fun though.

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