The Phantom of the Opera and Nelson Mandela Square

I had such an excellent day yesterday. It started with me meeting my friend for breakfast at Ciao Baby at Cedar Square and it was great to just relax, chat and catch up as we have been so busy lately and phone calls, emails and SMS’s only go so far. It is just fabulous and good for the soul to hang out with your best friend.

In the afternoon I met my cousin and her family at Nelson Mandela Square which is linked to Sandton City shopping centre. It has many restaurants as well as the Sandton library and Michelangelo hotel that overlook the square and the bronze statue of Nelson Mandela.

In the evening I went with my mom, cousin and friend to The Phantom of the Opera at The Teatro at Montecasino and what a magnificent production. I have seen it before but I couldn’t remember the story so it was like watching it again for the first time. I loved it and the phantom, played by Jonathan Roxmouth, was simply superb! I had goose bumps through the whole performance of The music of the night. Not only did Jonathan sing this with so much control and emotion but his acting matched his velvet voice. I was extremely impressed. We ended the evening with coffee and dessert at The Meat company. We each tried something else, crème brulee, chocolate mousse, malva pudding and fridge cheese cake. Their desserts are absolutely divine but the mousse was extremely rich and the malva pudding very sweet but what a phenomenal evening!

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