Supermoon, party trick and the Radisson Blu

I had a pretty boring study weekend with the only excitement when I went to my friend’s house on Sunday to watch the super-big and super-bright supermoon as it rose (ooh and ah) followed by destruction in a PS3 car rally game (eat dirt sucker!!!). Yes, after some studying almost anything is fun!

I attended a conference session at the Radisson Blu hotel in Sandton and what a great hotel. It is opposite the Gautrain which is just superb as it is so accessible as well as being close to Sandton City. The hotel is trendy, the staff friendly and helpful, the food good and the conference facilities great, except the free WiFi which couldn’t handle all the traffic with everyone wanting to connect.

The food consisted of dainty and interesting dishes such as little glass jars filled with mash and a lamb stew, petite mushroom pies in a puff pastry, small fillet skewers or fish nuggets in a little side dish. The dessert was also remarkable with what seemed like small slices of a brownie with pistachio and a caramel layer or the most delicious bite size moist orange infused coconut cake with a syrup that was not too sweet and finished with cream and a piece of dried orange – to die for.

It was fabulous to sit outside on the deck by the pool between breaks to catch some sunlight and it was a relaxing and beautiful day away from the office. I also saw the greatest invitation ever, party trick of note – an invitation where the words appear by the warmth of your hand on the paper. It is thermochromic or temperature sensitive ink. It is very 007-ish and reminds of secret messages you used to write your friend with invisible ink (lemon juice) where the words appeared when heated by candlelight. This is just so much better.

A day away from the office is always rewarded with irrational, short-tempered and stressed people the next day. Here is an example:


3 thoughts on “Supermoon, party trick and the Radisson Blu

  1. So I had a demo of the invitation party trick today. I remember the words ‘small things and small minds’ working their way to the tip of my tongue 🙂 Anyway, why no photos? Did you get any shots of the moon? Now that was pretty impressive. From where I was looking it was just off the Telkom tower. Looked stunning.

  2. sis. u r so rude. i luv the invite. serias. small minds… argh!!!! no photos – ya didnt have my camera and phone battery was dead so missed photo opportunities! have gud evening 😀

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