Piza e Vino and Rosebank Rooftop Market

I had a wonderful day. I called a friend to say I was going to pick her up at 12.30 as the day was too beautiful to waste at home and we needed to go do something. On the way there I was chatting to another friend and in the end we decided to all meet in Rosebank for lunch and then go to the rooftop market. We met at a very trendy Piza è Vino at The Zone and what a fabulous place. I had a pizza while the others had pasta and my pizza was superb with fresh ingredients and a beautiful base. They have interesting toppings such as meatballs or roast lamb which you won’t typically find on pizzas at other pizzerias.

After lunch we went to The Rooftop Market at The Mall and I probably haven’t been there in ten years and to my amazement some of the stalls were exactly the same and even in the same location. The food and drink section have moved to the one end since my last visit but for the rest it was still the same which was a bit disappointing but on the other hand also testament to the success of the market. I don’t typically buy impulsively or buy things I don’t need but today I just had to buy the cutest hand crafted ark out of ebony wood. It comes complete with Noah and sets of animals, two giraffe, two elephant, two hippo, two buffalo, two ducks, two rabbits…and when you pack it up all the animals fit into the belly of the ark – too cute!

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