Snow white and the Huntsman

My weekend started with movies after work. We went to see Snow white and the Huntsman at Killarney Premier and although the movie had stunning effects it lacked something. It was a tad too long, the acting wasn’t brilliant or rather unconvincing, especially Kirsten’s speech to her army and she looked like Joan of Arc when she was riding in full metal gear to go fight the reigning queen. The story was just a bit strange to me and lacked emotional intensity. I think they tried to tell a different story but in the end they ventured too far away from the original story and actually lost the plot. The scenery was done really well, especially parts in the wood which reminded of Alice in wonderland and Avatar with vivid colours and stunning creatures but then you get the fairies that looked like young Smeagols of the Lord of the rings – just with better hairdos.  The movie was disappointing.


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