Wits heritage walk and Sunday carvery

My weekend didn’t turn out anything like I planned as I wanted to go to the night market in Heidelberg and then to family/friends in Pretoria today but in the end I had a totally different and unexpectedly great weekend. I went on a two and a half hour heritage walk today with friends from the Rand Club followed by a wonderful Sunday carvery lunch at the club. We visited the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) West Campus and were accompanied by recently retired Prof Katherine Munro of the School of Architecture and town planning who took us around the beautiful grounds, told us the very interesting history of the university and showed us the fascinating buildings and pieces of art which they have started to incorporate everywhere on the campus. I have been to Wits many times but mostly to the East campus so it was very surprising to see and learn about the West Campus which used to be the Milner Park showgrounds for the Rand Show until it was bought in 1984. The East and West campuses are divided by the M1 highway but linked with a bridge that was constructed in 1989. Wits celebrates its 90th birthday this year. The campus has a collection of different architectural styles mostly due to its history but they have adapted and transformed old buildings to make room for classrooms but at the same time conserving old architecture and its history. It was a great and interesting experience.


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