Col’cacchio and Northgate

I was supposed to have dinner with my friends from Supper Club (mmm, now this gets me thinking about the difference between dinner and supper which sent me googling which was just TMI and off the track so back to dinner…) anyway, a few were sick and another friend and I were still a bit queasy from a bug earlier in the week so we thought it best to postpone our spicy Indian evening to next week. In the end I went with two friends and had dinner at Col’cacchio in Northgate as we had lots to discuss after an interesting day at work.

Col’cacchio is a pizzeria franchise that makes delicious pizza and pasta using fresh ingredients. I have always been a fan. They were one of the first pizzerias I was aware of that could make you a pizza anyway you wanted, gluten-free, wheat-free, any type of free you can think (okay except maybe for the free free). We had a great meal and a wonderful time.

Northgate Shopping Centre is nothing to get excited about. It is about as average as you can get. The only two things that set it apart from other malls are that it has an ice-rink (one of the few in SA) and it is next to the Coca Cola Dome where a lot of music concerts and exhibitions are host. I used to love going to the movies there as they were never busy and there was a wonderful little restaurant just outside the movies where you could go for something to eat after movies. I was very disappointed when I went to a metal concert at the Dome about two years ago and the only restaurant we could find open at the Dome side after 19:00 was the Wimpy. I found it a little strange to see so many die-hard metalheads fully dressed in their gear hang out at the Wimpy, not that metalheads don’t eat or don’t have families, I just think when you think of a typical family restaurant, the studs, leather and tats were maybe not the first picture that came to mind.


2 thoughts on “Col’cacchio and Northgate

  1. I agree their pizza’s are great, never been to northgate, do not intend to go either. I Love Tasher’s at the new Nicol Shopping center. But they have a col’cacchio too.

  2. Cool, my friend was telling me about it coz I drove past there and it looked real busy but she says it is not so hectic inside. She went to Licorice bistro which is apparently fab as well so definitely have to go check it out.

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