Oriental plaza and Prometheus

My friend and I went to the Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg for some shopping. It is just around the corner of Newtown. I haven’t been to the Plaza since I wanted a traditional outfit to wear to a wedding of a friend of mine, who has since gotten divorced which just reminded me how many years it has been, but what a marvellous shopping experience. The Plaza is great and they have a variety of shops. It is filled with aromas of spices and incense. I find they are especially good if you are looking for bargains on quality shoes, curtains, linen, material, some bling and kitchenware. They can custom-make curtains for you or do alterations on the spot. I got winter linen, a duvet and even managed to find a new charger for my netbook to replace the one that mysteriously died a few days ago. No visit to the Plaza is complete without a samoosa from the Samoosa den so we got some and went off to Rosebank Mall for some more shopping and lunch at the Mugg-and-Bean which is a trusted coffee franchise.

I met another friend at Sandton City late afternoon for a movie. We decided to go watch Prometheus, directed by Ridley Scott, which is a sort of prequel to the Alien films which he also directed. The movie was entertaining and gripping for most parts but I wasn’t totally crazy about it. It started well but I did not like the ending and some parts felt a bit disjointed and didn’t make sense. I thought the scene in the medical chamber was also a bit much but overall it was okay.

4 thoughts on “Oriental plaza and Prometheus

  1. I remember the oriental plaza been built and still shopping in 14st street in Vrededorp clothes and samoesa’s.It took quite a while before it took off.

    • Ek sien daar is Afrikaans op jou blog so ek aanvaar maar jy is Afrikaans. Sjoe, dis baie interessant. Dit voel of die plaza nog altyd daar en mens dink nie altyd aan hoe iets begin het nie. Dit is ook interessant as mense vertel van hoe hulle by deftige restaurante in Hillbrow gaan eet het of inkopies gedoen het. Ek het so paar weke terug deur Vrededorp gery en van die plekke lyk verskriklik sleg so ek kan nie dink hoe mens ooit daar kon koop nie. Baie dinge het verander en baie dinge is ook nog dieselfde.

      • Ja , ek praat hier van die oertyd , die jare 70.Ek onthou dat baie van die Indieërs nie naar die plaza wou verhuis nie , veronderstel dat dit nogal duurder was en verder weg van hulle blyplek.Ek het so drie jaar in Hillbrow gebly en ek het dit geniet.

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