Dogs need new loving home

A friend of mine is moving to the UK and he is looking for a new loving home for his dogs. They are fabulous dogs (although spoilt but who could help it knowing their background). If you can help, please give Kev a call.

Kay Kay

Update: My angels have homes. Please see end of blog for a note on this.

Justin and DJ are two very special male pooches in need of a loving and warm home. I am relocating overseas, and though I would have loved to take them with me, it just isn’t possible or fair to them. They currently have a garden to frolic in, and a very “South African” way of life. I’ll be moving into a tiny apartment in London without a garden, and will be working very long hours, and so their lives would not be happy ones if they came with me. I would love for my dogs to find the homes their beautiful souls deserve. It would be ideal if they could be homed together, as they have grown up together and are very attached to one another, but if this isn’t possible, separate loving homes would…

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