Scary (unprepared) interview

I believe interviews are about being prepared, knowing what you want and how to express it as well as being presentable and knowledgeable about your future job. Okay, so I may have missed one or two (or all of those ticks today).

The big boss was away today so I was dressed semi casual. We planned to have a lovely team lunch but as luck would have it I was asked for an interview at short notice for a new job in another department which was originally scheduled this morning for tomorrow (and this already had me all worked up). This was moved to today after lunch, so what do you do? Say, no, I need to have my hair cut which I have meant to do for three weeks now, I am not wearing my corporate best today, I haven’t googled the latest trends yet and I am yet to meet with my friends to prep me? Do I tell everyone, ooh sorry, I can’t make lunch because I need to prepare for an interview? So I weigh it up and accept the meeting telling myself that if I can get a job looking this bland, then surely it was meant to be. Somehow this doesn’t convince me and I am feverishly dotting down notes for the interview; after all, I haven’t been to one in seven years.


I start thinking about questions and answers and was writing down point two when the other boss comes to tell me he just had a phone call about an unexpected meeting with an external client in two hours and he needs my help urgently. I have no option but to cancel the interview and start working like a mad person to make the deadline to the meeting so that we are at least ready for that. In between I manage to still do team lunch, crunch some numbers and I am just getting back into my relaxed mood when I am called to ask to still meet and have the interview today. So I just did it. It was okay so lets just hold thumbs. This is a huge career move and big opportunity as it is 100% different from what I am doing now and as they say change is as good as a holiday. Only time will tell…


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