Great (Centurion) weekend

I was asked by friends to look after their animals while they were away this weekend so I stayed at their house in Centurion and it was actually fun. My friend works at a publishing house so their house is filled with lots of interesting books but I found a USA travel guide and was engrossed in the book the whole weekend planning my upcoming trip. I did not even get to look at any of the other books or switch on the television once.

Other friends live a few kilometres from there so it felt like old times (when we used to live close to each other). I went to their house yesterday afternoon and my friend cooked us a lovely meal and we got lost in conversation till the early hours of the morning over a beautiful bottle of Coffee Pinotage from Diemersfontein. The meal and the wine were simply superb! Today I spent the day with the family as it was my cousin’s birthday yesterday. I also got to see my other cousin’s new baby for the first time and he is just too cute. It was a beautiful weekend!

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