Shopping galore

My morning started with me and a bee in my bonnet, adamant to head off to the shops before the Sandtonians awake (which means before 10) as I realised I still needed quite a few things before my trip (which is in 10 days – yeah!). I went to Sandton City, then to my favourite Pick a Pay on William Nicol and then off to the new Nicolway Centre and what a stunning place.


I have been meaning to go for weeks but just haven’t gotten around to it. The centre is fabulous with a big focus on home and beauty, interesting and exciting restaurants and a few clothes and shoe stores but none of the big chains which make sense with Sandton City and Fourways Mall not far from there. We had lunch at Licorish Bistro and it was superb especially their fruit juice blend – mine consisted of raspberry, lichie, Asian pear and green apple and for lunch I can recommend the chef’s special – a plate of three dishes: Inkomazi chicken curry bunny chow with butternut chakalaka, a sirloin sosatie with yellow pepper essence, fennel and paprika mash and a beef rump peppered with apricot curry butter. It was tasty and simply delicious.

You would think I was finished shopping but no I decided to go to Fourways Crossing after that and was on my way to Cresta shopping centre when I decided enough is enough and went home to watch the Wimbledon finals. What a day and for someone who does not love shopping this was a shopping day galore.


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