Share your world

I love Cee’s Share your world which I usually email to my friends every week. It is fun to get their answers back. Last week one of the questions was: “If you could be a student of any university in the world right now, where would you enroll?…” which got me thinking. What I love about the Internet is that you are no longer bound by geographical boundaries and can pop in at almost any of the top universities in the world and go sit in on a class without having to pay the enormous fees. Just the other day I “attended” a class by Michael Sandal at Harvard University.

One of my other favourite sites is the Khan academy which consists of short videos that is especially helpful if you need to brush up on stats or maths or want to know about banking, economics, art, history, chemistry or finance. I especially enjoyed the talk on renting vs buying as I heard this from another wealthy entrepreneur as well. The other fun thing about attending class this way is you get the knowledge without having to stress about the assignments and exams and you can literally choose only the subjects you want to follow which is simply marvellous!

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