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I was reading Jacquie’s blog where she said how it was good to read other people’s blogs and how much you can learn from others and she told me about this techie who wrote interesting tech stuff in layman’s terms so I went to read her blog, ShareChair and found an interesting article on the Kindle eBook special which I somehow did not know about so I thought I just have to share this in case someone else out there also doesn’t know.

Every month Kindle selects 100 books you can buy for $3.99 or less. I think it is brilliant. I love Kindle even though I do not own a Kindle device I have the Kindle app on my phone and on my netbook and what is great is that it is in sync so even if I have read on my phone and then logon to my netbook it will know which the last page read was and take me there immediately. I wonder if libraries and paper books will still exist in the future or maybe just not as we know it and in the process we can save some trees.

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