Friends, family, goodbyes and laughs

I’ve had such a wonderful day yesterday. I went to Pretoria to have lunch with the family and see them before I leave on my trip Wednesday. My uncle showed off his new seawater fish tank with his three fishes and explained the intricacies of a tank. You cannot just buy or catch some fishes in the ocean and throw them in a tank and voila. Most of them get flown in from America where they are then jet lagged and shocked and have to be carefully looked after and introduced into a new tank. If you buy them it is an hour and a half process to get one fish into the tank and they may die of shock if not done properly. The tank setup is also no easy task. It takes six weeks before the tank is ready to host an animal. It consists of two sections. The pretty one you see is only half of it. There is a whole separate set of tanks, filters and sand bank hidden beneath the visible tank and then you need equipment to create currents in your tank so that corals will be able to survive. After he explained the whole process and showed how everything worked I appreciated his three little beautiful fishes even more. It really is fascinating, especially the corals and sea anemone.

My cousin’s hubby is going on two work trips later this year and he feels so guilty that my cousin will be home alone with the children that he has offered my cousin (and her very esteemed travel partner, me!) a paid long weekend where we can go jol while he stays home with the kids. I did hear him ask his mother about her schedule and availability to visit him then. We are busy planning how best to take advantage of this generous offer and are thinking the wine lands of Cape Town, a trip on the blue train, a weekend to Zanzibar…so many choices 🙂

After the goodbyes to the family I went to see my friends in Centurion before heading off to meet another friend at Montecasino for a night of comedy. We went to see Mass Hysteria – Funnier than parliament featuring Marc Lottering, Casper De Vries, John Vlismas, Tumi Morake, Nik Rabinowitz, Eugene Khoza, Ndumiso Lindi and Mark Banks. Comedy isn’t typically my thing but it was a brilliant show and I enjoyed the humour and laughter is good for the soul. It was a great day!


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