USA Trip – Day 3

I was on my own yesterday so I decided to sort out the car and my phone, do some grocery shopping as well as some sightseeing. I had eggs and toast for breakfast and when I wanted to put the butter on my bread, it looked like cream and on the outside it said butter and something about sweet cream so I am not sure if that is something you have with pancakes but I had it none the less. I decided to go to the airport to see if I can extend the rental car as it is still overcast with light showers so the car will be easier and it is weekend so it is just nicer. The queue at the car rental was coming out the door so I decided to phone later and left. I drove to the National Mall and parked the car (for free).

I thought it was best to do the walking while it was nice and cool and I didn’t mind the occasional drizzle as it barely gets you wet. Your hair just looks really bad. I started at the Jefferson Memorial, walked around the tidal basin (and past the Bureau of engraving and printing and the US Holocaust memorial museum) to the Washington monument. It has a circle of American flags around the base which were all at half mast (due to the Colorado shooting tragedy). I then walked to The Eclipse and sat at a bench with a view of the White House while watching people play softball.  I walked to the National WWII memorial and then along the empty reflecting pool (they are busy with renovations) to the Vietnam War memorial, Lincoln memorial and Korean War memorial and ended my walk at the Franklin D Roosevelt memorial. I missed a few things but by now my feet were tired and sore so I thought to leave the rest for another day. It was such a wonderful experience. The memorials are gigantic and beautiful. I had a chicken sandwich (which is actually a chicken burger) with something called fruit punch which is very red and very sweet but it was nice and I was sitting enjoying it when I heard some people speak Afrikaans and you get all warm and fuzzy and want to go over and hug someone and say how glad you are that there is a fellow South African but you carry on eating and pretend all is normal and fine but it was a great feeling.

On my way back to the hotel I stopped at the first mall I saw. I went to at&t to inquire why I had no call time on my phone as the guy at the airport who sold me the sim for $85 said it came with $50 call time but I had none. The guy couldn’t help me and said I needed to take it up with the store at the airport in New York. He couldn’t even give me a number – most unhelpful. I went to a store to buy some things like water, hand cream etc and I don’t know if it is the store or the area but all the products were from Mexico and in Spanish but it was a fun experience. I also stocked up on Starbucks frappuccino which is a cold coffee drink but it is too delicious. I had a Starbucks coffee the other day and it tasted the same as coffee at home – don’t know what the supposed fuss is all about but this drink is yum yum. It comes in Coffee, Vanilla and Mocha flavours.

Today is still overcast so I am going to do more outdoor sightseeing. I have posted some photos on Flickr (but will always be a day or two behind).


8 thoughts on “USA Trip – Day 3

  1. It’s the specialty drinks that makes Starbucks so popular, I think. My usual: Tall Skinny (non-fat and sugar free) Vanilla Latte. But in the summer I love the Frappuccinos ! Yum.

    • We have Seattle Coffee which is similar and makes designer coffee with fancy names and designs. I am a plain Jane so I usually ask for black coffee and add a little bit of milk myself as they tend to put too much milk in so as long as it is proper filter coffee I am happy but those Frappuccinos are too delicious.

  2. Did I not tell you that Starbucks is overrated and hellishly expensive? Give me Seattle coffee any day. Poor show on the AT&T story! For the rest – sounds like you’re having a great time. Keep the news coming. And by the way – don’t worry about the drizzle – your hair always looks really bad. PS – we miss you. 🙂

  3. I miss our morning Nespresso trips. Say hi to the girls. I am having a blast. This is a stunning country, except the weather. The people are also friendly and helpful except at&t – I think cellphone companies just have to be useless. Probably their motto worldwide. I miss our beautiful weather. They speak of thunderstorms on the weather channel but apparently they don’t know what one is and haven’t experienced one on the highveld. I am glad I came and can’t think that I didn’t want to.

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