USA Trip – Day 4

Yesterday started with a trip to the Pentagon Memorial that honours the 184 people who died during the 9/11 attacks. It consists of benches that are displayed according to the age of the person when they died and the US Air Force memorial can be seen in the background. The difference in colour of the concrete wall is visible of where they repaired the building after the plane crashed into it.

We then went to the neighbourhood of Georgetown (one of the oldest neighbourhoods in DC) to explore the beautiful grounds of the Georgetown University, a research university that opened in 1789. The Healy Hall building with its towers can be seen from afar and is majestic and beautiful – imagine having class there. I think you just have to be inspired when studying in such magnificent surroundings. The grounds in front of the Healy building also have fabulous big trees and there is a lovely fish pond with water lilies. The town of Georgetown is lively and charming with beautifully painted houses that give it character. We found the newly opened Edible Arrangements which makes bouquets for any occasion using fresh fruit and chocolate. I sampled a strawberry dipped in white chocolate and had a daisy (made out of a slice of pineapple with a piece of melon and dipped in chocolate). They also make fruit salads and fresh juices and smoothies – too delicious for words.

We went down to Georgetown waterfront Park by the Potomac River with a view of the Key Bridge with its beautiful arches and watched people on the canal kayaking or boats going past. You can also see the Kennedy Center from there. The park has plenty of benches or you can sit on the grass under a tree; it is very relaxing. We had lunch at Chadwicks across the waterfront and it is supposedly famous for real American food and great burgers. I possibly had the worst burger of my life. The patty was burned black (like almost charcoal and wasn’t really edible) and the chips looked like it was cooked in old oil so I was really not impressed and the place was packed. The restaurant/pub has been open for at least 50 years so it cannot always be that bad otherwise they would have been out of business a long time ago. Maybe it was just my bad luck that I got the new griller who couldn’t cook a patty. It was very disappointing.

Late afternoon I visited Capitol Hill, home to the US Capitol building, Supreme Court, Library of Congress and the US Botanic Gardens and what a sight. You cannot help fall in love with the iconic US Capitol building. I read somewhere that buildings can actually be disappointing for tourists who have seen it on television or on the big screen and then feel let down by the actual building. This was not the case – the building exceeded my expectations. You do feel like you want to go find your West Wing friends on the stairs somewhere, that Josh, CJ, Sam or Toby are lurking around somewhere – just an awesome experience. I did some more exploring around town and happened to go past Freedom Plaza where people were dancing in the square – so happy and free. I ended the day with a night view of the White house and Eisenhower building.


On the way back to the hotel I somehow drove through Chinatown and decided on Chinese take-out for supper and stopped at the Chinatown Garden. The food was delicious and it was a fun experience to see Chinatown at night. What a great and memorable day.


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