USA Trip – Day 6

On Tuesday I went to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. During tourist season you have to get tickets (free) for time scheduled access to the main and permanent exhibition that gives the chronological history of the Holocaust. There are other free exhibitions that don’t require tickets of which I saw: Remember the children: Daniel’s story that details the life of a boy named Daniel, a Holocaust survivor and State of deception: the power of Nazi propaganda for which there was a guide. The Nazi propaganda is also interactive and you can use your cell phone and “chat” with another survivor and get information while you go through the exhibition. I was happily snapping photos when the security came and took me aside to delete my photos as you are not allowed to take photos in the museum. I didn’t know as this was the first museum that didn’t allow photography and I somehow missed the sign that the guy said was posted outside. The main exhibition stretches across three floors and shows how the Nazis killed 6 million Jews (two thirds of European Jews) during 1933-1945.  It was a touching and informative experience.


“Propaganda is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert.” – Hitler 1924


I got a $25 fine when I got to the car as I was 6 minutes late for the meter as I didn’t have enough quarters (25c) on me and wasted time looking for a shop to get change from. Luckily you can pay with a credit card online.


During the afternoon I visited the National City Christian Church, Luther Place Memorial Church and the Washington National Cathedral. The National Cathedral is a beautiful building with stunning architecture and reminds of the cathedrals found in Europe. There is also an underground crypt section with smaller chapels.


In the evening we went for a little stroll around the National Mall, saw the Washington Monument, White House, World War II Memorial and Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. There was a little breeze and it was a stunning and unforgettable evening.

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