USA Trip – Day 7

Wednesday morning had an interesting start with the police arriving at the hotel. During the night some thieves stole all four wheels from one of the hotel guest’s car parked in the hotel parking lot. They didn’t even leave the car on bricks so the car was just sitting there on its axis. I have never seen something like it.

We went to Arlington National Cemetery which is not only one of the most visited places in DC (average of four million people a year) but it is also an active cemetery where an average of 27 people get buried every day. I was glad I packed a hat and booked us on the Tourmobile which takes you around the big cemetery and stops at all the notable burial sites such as the grave of John F Kennedy. You can walk around at leisure and basically hop on or hop off at any time. Arlington House (built by the step grandson of George Washington) is on the top of the hill and overlooks Washington DC. Guides are dressed in period clothing talking with each other as if it was during the time of war, women discussing their men having gone to war and having dances in the room. There is a beautiful amphitheatre and garden outside. We watched the changing of the guard but because there was a dignitary on a visit we could not see much or get close to the Tombs of the Unknown or the Memorial Amphitheatre which was closed and guarded due to the visitor.

I spent the afternoon at the National Museum of Natural History learning and seeing everything about natural history, from our oceans, plants, mammals, human origins, climate changes, birds, butterflies, insects, modern humans, fossils, dinosaurs, ancient worlds and seas, gems, minerals and modern forensics.

Early evening we went to see the famous Marine Corps War Memorial (aka Iwo Jima Memorial) and then went to the shops in search of some proper food as one can only eat so much restaurant, take-away and hotel food. It was nice to see what groceries the US have and to see their fruit of which I found something called a velvet apricot which I have never seen before. We got some fresh fruits and salads. It was an entertaining day as the natural museum was really fun and I enjoyed the Iwo Jima memorial as it was on my list of things to see.

5 thoughts on “USA Trip – Day 7

  1. Love to follow your days! If you still have time in DC, consider the National Portrait Gallery, Ford’s Theatre (where Lincoln was shot) and the National Archives. Mount Vernon (Washington’s home) is also nearby, and makes for a nice afternoon. I’ve been to DC countless times, but I’m learning from you! You are amazing travelers.

  2. That’s so funny about the car. If it happened here everyone would say ‘only in Africa’. Arlington was one of my favourite sites when I visited DC. It is a profoundly moving place. I like your ‘Don’t give up the ship photo’. Sounds like something MRG would say 🙂

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