USA Trip – Day 9

Yesterday morning I visited the National Air and Space Museum and what an exciting museum. It shows man’s quest to fly and how they studied animals to try and simulate flying. It illustrates from the first flying machines to modern aircraft such as the Airbus. There are Zeppelins, fighter jets, military aircraft, rockets and satellites with a whole section dedicated to the space race. You can even touch a piece of moon rock (which feels like marble from a kitchen counter-top) and learn about our universe and planets in our solar system.

In the afternoon I explored the National Portrait Gallery with oil on canvas portraits, drawings, busts and photography. I especially enjoyed the sections on Amelia Earhart (the first female flyer) and the portraits of the American Presidents and photos of the first ladies although you cannot take photos through most of the museum. There were contemporary portraits and photos as well but these were not as electrifying as the older portraits as they were not as familiar and I find it is more interesting if you know something about the subject in the artwork or if it is a landscape scene that is just plain stunning.

I spent the evening watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony with a billion other people. I enjoyed how they displayed UK culture and icons. I think if you know a little about the Brits you would have appreciated it as they were showing people who they are and they did not attempt to outdo Beijing (as no one can beat that). They showed something personal and emotional. I loved how the queen was sky diving with James Bond, how Mr Bean was still doing silly things and the references to the famous stories and fables and the forging of the rings. It was an entertaining day!

PS. I haven’t seen any stars in Washington in the evening. I don’t know if the city is too bright or if the stars just come out late due to the sun setting so late but I found it extremely weird. Maybe there were some clouds high up and the stars were just not visible but I missed the starry nights.


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