USA Trip – Day 11

Sunday morning we had a quick stop at the Pennsylvania Capitol Complex in Harrisburg before driving to Hershey for the chocolate experience. The Capitol Complex is a beautiful government building with stunning interior and a dome.

Hershey is a fun and chocolaty town filled with chocolate street names, light poles in the main street with a Hershey chocolate on top and a Hershey’s Chocolate World where you can learn about chocolate, create your own or just buy lots and lots of chocolates, chocolate ice cream, cakes, fudge, you name it. As a chocolate lover this was an obvious stop but I must admit that I do not like American chocolate and prefer our chocolate back home or European chocolate but I bought some divine peanut butter cup fudge, a brownie and some choccies for friends at home. We had some lunch consisting of a turkey wrap with Italian pasta salad, potato salad and the ever present pickle which seems to be in every American dish. Unfortunately we could not wait the two hours for the next trolley tour so I missed the singing cows which my friends told me about but I wanted to move on to Lancaster, home of the Amish.

We arrived at Penn Square in Lancaster and got a map from the visitor center and went in search of some covered bridges and views of Amish Country. Lancaster region is beautiful with wide open spaces. The lady at the visitor center ran out of maps for the covered bridges so we drove around quite a bit trying to find them and in the end I only saw two of the 27 covered bridges. It was a thrilling experience and I felt like Clint Eastwood in The bridges of Madison Country driving around to take photos of these beautiful bridges.

We drove to Marietta and Columbia by the water side and had some Turkey Hill ice-cream before leaving at 4pm for our drive to Salamanca at which we only arrived at 10.30pm. I would have loved to have had more time in Lancaster. I didn’t get to see Amish life and only saw one Amish couple travel by horse and buggy. The country side is tranquil and beautiful and deserved more time – maybe next time.


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