USA Trip Day 13

We left Niagara Falls on Tuesday morning and were on our way to Boston with a sleep over in Albany. First stop was at Rochester and Lake Ontario. We had brunch at Pelican’s Nest Restaurant at the Marina and close to Charlotte’s Lighthouse which was built in 1822. I had Nacho’s made the traditional way which included some beans, mince, olives and jalapenos.

Lake Ontario is one of the great lakes of America that borders Canada but the lake is so big that you cannot see Canada from Rochester, NY. I walked out on the pier which offers beautiful views of the lake and people sailing on tranquil and clear water. They even have a beach with life guards where you can swim.

The drive to Albany was beautiful as you drive through the scenic region of the Finger Lakes which is a collection of 11 lakes that are long and narrow and resemble fingers. This is also wine region. They may not have award winning wines but the bottles all feature the Finger Lakes and make for a great memento. We stopped at a winery in Geneva at Seneca Lake, had some wine tasting near Cayuga Lake (which is the longest finger lake) and drove past Oneida Lake in Syracuse. We also stopped at a farm stall where I saw the biggest tomatoes and onions ever. I really enjoyed the lakes – it was a memorable day.


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