USA Trip Day 14

On Wednesday morning I realised I had forgotten my netbook charger at Niagara Falls. I could not believe it. I am always so thorough in making sure everything is packed and giving a room a last sweep that I was disappointed that I somehow missed this. Connected to the charger of course was the international plug so I now had no way to charge any of my electronics, the camera being the most important item so the front desk woman directed us to the nearest store which was the Walmart where I found a new set of chargers that set me back $79. I can never understand why accessories are so expensive when compared to the product. We only checked out midday after our morning shopping excursion and were on our way to Boston.

We stopped at the Cracker Barrel which is a country style restaurant/shop and such a great place. The shop has the cutest things from clothes to homemade jams and sweets, old style cool drinks, games, candles and more. You just want to buy things. The restaurant prides itself in making home-style meals but as we had breakfast not too long ago we decided to share a Southern Blackberry Cobbler which is like a blackberry pie with ice-cream but it was delicious. We had half n’ half to drink which is a drink of half iced tea and half lemonade.

We arrived in Boston late afternoon and it was raining so we checked in and decided to have an early night after dinner at the Midwest Grill which is an authentic Brazilian BBQ Rodizio. They offer a variety of salads and meat where you can eat as much as you want.


P.S. On our way to Boston we saw some dear next to the highway which was cute as you would not expect them next to the highway.


4 thoughts on “USA Trip Day 14

    • howdee. yes half and half is milk – like ideal milk or in some parts of europe they call it coffee milk. half n’ half is this lemonade-tea mix and very refreshing. it’s all about the middle bit 🙂

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