USA Trip Day 16

Boston is a city of many American firsts as we found out on our trolley tour last Friday, the first public park, public library, lighthouse, telephone and subway. Our tour guide was a bit eccentric singing songs, quoting poems with the forever “ra ra” in between and crediting America to every first in the world where Boston may in fact only have been America’s firsts but I guess some people think America is the world. He also had strong political views which I found inappropriate on a tour but I was in no mood to argue with an old veteran.

The city is also rich in history and played an important role in the American Revolution with the Freedom Trial (marked by a line of red bricks running through the city) marking important sights. After our tour of the town we went in search of whales on board a catamaran. It is a three hour tour that takes you out to Stellwagen Bank. I stood outside on the deck as we cruised out to sea for an hour. We did some whale watching for an hour before returning. The crew included researchers and I learned a few interesting things such as that whales can be identified by the print on their flukes (tails) which is similar to a fingerprint. We spotted a few whales but never as close as I have seen them from shore during whale season in Hermanus but it was a fun and informative trip out which was amazing.

Returning to shore we went in search of a restroom only for me to discover that I looked like a tomato. I was all red in the face and on my chest even though I had put sun block on and had my hat on for our trip out when the sun was hot but it is always those clouds that deceive you when you actually burn the most. I removed my sunglasses and now looked like a freak with white eyes in a red face so I vowed not to remove those sunglasses again as I scared even myself. We drove around in Boston as I wanted to discover Harvard and MIT universities which strangely did not impress me as much. I think I thought it was going to be something spectacular like Cambridge University (UK) or even Georgetown University. Make no mistake I would have loved to study there, I just had a different picture in my head about what the outside was going to look like. We said goodbye to Boston, had some surprisingly good food at the Boston Market (where I had meatloaf – an American favourite dish) and arrived in New Haven at 11.30pm.

By evening I had tiny little blisters on my nose, forehead, chest and chin and was in desperate search of after sun lotion but all the pharmacies in New Haven were closed by now and surprisingly I found some magic in a bottle at the garage while I put in petrol. I was just hoping that it was going to work its magic because I cannot go to New York looking like a freak.


P.S. Off course I went past the Cheers bar as well because you cannot visit Boston and not drop in at “the bar where everyone knows your name” (even if you look like a freak) 🙂


2 thoughts on “USA Trip Day 16

  1. I was just leaving Boston last Friday as you set out to tour! It was hot and sunny, I got a bit of a burn myself that is just starting to fade. Remember… if you feel like escaping NYC for a day …….. contact me!

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