USA Trip Day 17

We arrived in New York City midday last Saturday and had to go look for a place to stay as we weren’t booked anywhere. I had kept a day open in case we decided to stay on in Boston because I wanted to see Cape Cod but after my sun burn incident I was looking for indoor things. We booked an extra day at the hotel we were staying at and because they were so full they actually charged us more. I thought I was going to get a great deal as this is last minute check-in but this turned out to be the most expensive night of the whole trip. We had an afternoon siesta before heading out to town late afternoon to go explore downtown Manhattan as well as the Brooklyn Bridge by car.

I may be condemned for saying this but I was not impressed arriving in New York City. It was the same when I arrived in Milan, Italy, after having visited the beautiful cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. It feels like it is just another big metropolitan city that is busy, dirty, smelly and ugly in comparison to some of the other cities and towns. Traffic is horrible, the drivers are rude and forever hooting at someone for something, there is a lot of shouting going on and everyone is in a hurry which defeats the object of a relaxing holiday.

We ended the day with a view of the Manhattan skyline, from across the Hudson in Long Island City, as the sun was setting which was too beautiful. People were out on the pier, some fishing, some just enjoying the spectacular view. This was closer to the New York charm I was expecting.

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