USA Trip Day 20

Tuesday we went on a 60 minute sightseeing cruise of the harbour on the CitySightseeing Cruise where you get a close look at the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. I enjoyed the sights but I was not impressed by the touring company at all. I found their staff amateur, unprofessional and I did not appreciate the military style shouting of do this, do that, stand there, walk there, be faster, watch your step. You are on holiday and want to relax and not be shouted at by some punks. They were disorganised and it was the first tour I did that started late. They also had no regard for older or slower people as we all met up at the Castle Clinton at Battery Park but the boat was actually at pier 17 which is quite a distance away and they just ran along and the older people and young children must just come along or not.  I don’t think they care.

The sights were beautiful. I loved the bridges most of all. There is something about Brooklyn Bridge that is inviting and captivating. One thing I have noticed about the Americans is that they love to use celebrities. There are celebrities in almost every advert on TV and even the narrating at some of the sights is done by celebrities. We had Kathleen Turner describing the sights on our cruise. We explored Battery Park which is a public park at the southern point of Manhattan. It has a beautiful garden, fountain where children play in the water and Navy memorial. There are also statues, a beer garden and the ferries to Liberty Island depart from there.

We went on the ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty up close. She may have been a gift from France but she represents freedom and democracy. We could not go into the base or up to the crown as the statue is currently closed for restoration and upgrades as they plan to install a lift to take you to the top. There are rangers on the island that will give you facts or answer questions about Lady Liberty. They explained the inside structure and the design of the interior (done by the same guy who designed the Eiffel tower) the reason why she is green (from the weather as she used to be copper), her size and weight (she is a big girl who weighs 225 tons) and the fact that she has seven rays on her crown representing the seven continents.

We decided to skip Ellis Island and walked around in Battery Park chasing butterflies in the garden and watching a cool street act before heading back to the hotel.

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