Market on Main

I cannot believe it has been a week since I have been back from holiday and a week at my new job. Time just flies. I had a really wonderful and lazy weekend spent in front of the TV, catching up on some sleep and reading again which I haven’t done in some months. I read a superb book which I think I may have bought last year already and eventually got around to reading now.

This morning a friend and I went to explore Market on Main which is a market held on Sundays at Arts on Main where you can buy fabulous foods and produce, clothes, books or browse some artist studios. Arts on Main is in an old converted warehouse and is conveniently located on Main Street in downtown Joburg. The venue is inviting and spacious and you can sit outside in the fresh air under the trees or inside.  I bought the most divine cheesecake and the crust was made of some nutty crunch something and was too delicious!

Art is very subjective and I cannot say I was inspired by any of the work on display except for the one studio that had stunning photographs. It was however a beautiful sunny day and a fabulous morning out.


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