Sunday afternoon braai

Braai is a favourite past time of most South Africans and the one great thing about the beautiful change in weather and our sunny days is that a lot more braaing is going on. I spent Sunday with friends where we had our first braai of the season.

24 September is Heritage Day but since 2005 it has also been branded as National Braai Day, a celebratory day when friends and family get together around the fire for a braai. Some of my best memories involve a braai. I remember going to the Knysna bush while on a school tour where one of our teachers braaied snoek with apricot jam and mayonnaise. No kid is particularly fond of fish but we all went for second helpings. During the Rugby World Cup of 2007 we watched the games at a friend’s house where we organised a projector and sound system so we could watch the games on a huge screen outside by the pool while braaing. It also goes hand-in-hand with rugby and you will find many people going to the stadiums early on the day of a match where they camp outside and have a little braai. A lot of birthdays and celebrations involve braaing, even weddings.


4 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon braai

  1. I love learning new things, and the word “braai” is completely new to me. I wasn’t sure if it was the same as “barbecue” or “grill” or referred to a particular kind of meat. Some googling taught me that it is the former. Thank you for sharing this bit of culture! 🙂

    • It is similar to a barbecue but I don’t think it is quite the same. We braai with wood or charcoal (not really the quick gas thing). We braai all meats usually steaks, boerewors, ribs and then a braaibroodjie (toasted sandwich on the braai usually with cheese, tamato and onion), we also love to braai mielies (corn on cob) and potatoes, onion or sweet potato in foil on the coals. We can basically do anything on a braai. Don’t know what the american barbecue is like but have been told our braai is quite unique.

    • Jy moet saam met ons kom braai – dis fun en ons single girls het al alleen gebraai sonder drinkende mans en stories oor kinders maar selfs al is daar mans drink en werk almal saam 🙂

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