Johnny Clegg music concert

Last night I went with friends to see the Johnny Clegg concert at Montecasino and what a phenomenal show. He is a singer/songwriter who has performed for more than 30 years and the man can still sing and dance – maybe not kick as high as he used to in his youth but still impressive. He sang of his new stuff as well as hit songs such as Asimbonanga, Osijeza, Impi, Scatterings of Africa, African sky blue and Great heart from earlier albums which had people on their feet.  There was also an insert from the movie Jock of the bushveld which brought back bitter-sweet memories. His love of teaching is still apparent in tales told of touring, the meaning to songs, words, culture and dance. Some guest artists included traditional dancers and The Soweto Gospel Choir who had the most beautiful costumes. I tried to capture this on my phone but was some distance away.

It was interesting to see some people experience his music for the first time and watch their reactions and it was great to see how something like music can bring people together and breakdown stereotypes because you saw the most unlikely people show up, jump up and dance to the music which just proves again that you cannot judge a book by its cover. You cannot help but feel uplifted and loving after a great show which is why music and sport is said to have done more for transformation than politics. I had the same exhilarating feeling after watching one legged men do the high jump at the Paralympics.

I had an incredible time.

6 thoughts on “Johnny Clegg music concert

  1. I love going to live concerts like that! As you say, incredibly uplifting. My next concert (tickets in hand!!!) in coming up soon, but it will make me cry. Happy tears, but….. I’ll be sitting at a Barbra Streisand concert in a few weeks. All she has to do is walk on stage and open her mouth, and I start to cry! (I had the experience once before). 🙂 Nothing like live music!

    • Wow!! I cannot believe you get to see Barbs. That is really special and I can imagine how emotional that will be. I am not a crier at all but do get emotional with music and movies.

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