Lazy weekend

I had a fabulous but super lazy weekend. I spent Friday night at a friend’s house where we watched the Spanish movie, The skin I live in. What a bizarre movie. I always wonder how people come up with such strange ideas. All I know is I was never bored during the movie, it had some unexpected twists and the ending felt justified.


Saturday I read a book and in the evening had dinner club with some of my new colleagues from work. It seems all of them are really great in the kitchen so I don’t know what I am going to do when it is my turn as cooking is not my forte, it basically ends with me being able to make a decent sandwich or breakfast, anything more than that will leave you disappointed. Maybe I will have a picnic brunch.


Today I took my mother to lunch at the all new Tei Avon (previously Mi-Vami) in Victory Park. They make some of the best shawarmas. I had a Moroccan shawarma with lamb, couscous and yoghurt which was great. I spent the evening quizzing my friend who is busy studying for an exam this week. We used to be study buddies in Varsity and although I changed courses and have long since forgotten anything we suffered through together in Varsity I have great admiration for her determination to finish and become a fully qualified actuary because you must want it bad. There are no short cuts – you just have to put in the hours. Her dream is to qualify, then quit her job and go tour the world for a year with friends and family that can join her on any part they want. This is a great motivation and fabulous idea!

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