Barn owls of the suburb

I was on my way to a friend’s house at dusk when I saw two large birds sitting on some lamp posts. At first I thought it was two hadeda due to the size but it was strange that they were still out as I was sure they would have gone to sleep already. When I got closer I was very surprised to see it was actually two barn owls, each sitting on a lamp post scouting the area. I was telling my friend about reading of the owl box project in the newspaper a few years ago and that they should actually put up an owl box in their garden for owls to come and nest. I looked for the article and found the project as initiated by EcoSolutions. The other night, on my way back from my friend, I found a rabbit in the street. I know the rabbits live in the park close by. I just hope the poor bunnies are not the reason the owls are lurking around 🙂


2 thoughts on “Barn owls of the suburb

  1. I am glad if I can teach you stuff. The bird is useful for controlling insects and especially parktown prawns but believe me when you wake up from the ruckus they make when they call to each other you may feel like killing a few 🙂

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