Col’Cacchios Pizzeria Benmore Gardens

Last night we went to Benmore Gardens to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Although Benmore is only a few blocks from work it took a while to get there as Sandton traffic was horrid due to a roadblock. While I understand that Metro Police thinks peak hour traffic is the ideal time to look for offenders who will be gridlocked and won’t be able to make their escape once they spot them, it is very annoying as people get very aggressive.

Benmore is a shopping centre that you tend to forget about because the mighty Sandton City is almost around the corner from it. We had a fabulous time at Col’Cacchios that serves great Italian inspiring food. I do not usually venture away from the pizza or pasta I like but last night I decided to be bold and try something new that I would not normally have. I had the Greco pizza which consists of seven hour lamb stew, pickled red onions, tzatziki and mint sauce. It was really yummy!

The table cloths have a sheet of brown paper on top should you want to have a special message to someone and obviously as the evening progressed some had the crayons out and were playing games like naughts and crosses or hangman on the table which was most fun. It was a great evening.


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