Clarens, Free State, Day 1

We left Johannesburg at 15:00 on Friday and were ready for a fun packed impulsive weekend at Clarens. We got on the highway and saw the toll sign (totally forgotten about toll fees) and realised we had no garage card and didn’t think either of us had any cash. I almost never carry any cash on me and although I usually have R50 in the car for an emergency, I took everything out in the morning as I needed to take my car to the dealership to fix the ABS sensor before we left. By chance we found a single R100 note in my purse – sigh!

We had a quick stop in Frankfort to stretch legs and explore the main street. We bought some goodies and cooldrinks from Ouma Maggi’s home industry store and took a few photos of the Voortrekker Garden and old church before setting off to Clarens. I never know how to greet Afrikaans people in small towns. Having lived in one when I was very young it was okay to address anyone as oom (uncle) or tannie (aunty) but living in a very English Johannesburg this is reserved for family, close friends and maybe their family but before I could help it, it was “Middag tannie” (ie. good afternoon aunty). It seems she didn’t mind.


We needed to pick up the key to our accommodation at a restaurant because we arrived after hours, but we couldn’t remember the name and as it turns out we never printed the email confirmation nor could we find the email on the iPad.  Luckily we remembered it was on the Square and started with a V. We arrived just after 19:00 and collected the key at Vito’s restaurant where we enjoyed dinner before going to find the place we booked.


We arrived at our unit which was way up on the mountain and surrounded in darkness. You park the car at the top and then walk down the stairs to the door but the outside light was broken so we only had the light of the iPad guiding us which was dismal. I saw something jump in front of us and the next moment I saw the iPad flying which gave me a fright and I screamed like a teenage girl only to find out my friend accidentally dropped the iPad having not seen the jumping frog (it turns out) which nearly gets killed in the ordeal. It was the beginning of a fun weekend.


7 thoughts on “Clarens, Free State, Day 1

    • The accommodation was superb! We stayed at the Golf and trout estate. When we initially inquired about accommodation all was taken so they sent us two other recommendations and from the web we just selected the best one. They do undersell for sure and give very little information. We had a beautiful double storey two bedroom, two bathroom house with everything you can possibly need from the bodum, dishwasher, washing machine to electric can opener. The place also had a lovely outside area where you can braai and watch over nature and no goggas 🙂

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