Clarens, Free State, Day 2

Yesterday started with breakfast at The Artist’s Café. They have a great variety of things to choose for breakfast and serve traditional breakfast like mealie pap with milk, sugar and butter or coffee with rusks, a boere breakfast consisting of pap and gravy, boerewors, bacon, eggs and toast or muesli, yogurt and fresh fruit.

The picturesque town of Clarens is in the Free State and has about 7000 people. The town is surrounded by the beautiful Rooiberge (mountain range) consisting of sandstone with rock formations such as The Titanic and Mushroom. It was founded in 1912, the same year the Titanic sank.

It has a lively artist community and most of the attractions are located down Main Street or around the town square. There are various art galleries, shops, restaurants and even a brewery. Clarens is also famous for trout fishing and adventure or outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cycling, horse riding, white river rafting and game drives to name a few. The Golden Gate National Park is also nearby and offers beautiful scenic drives.

We spent the day exploring the many shops and art galleries. We had beer tasting at the brewery and then each tried one of the micro brewery beers. In the afternoon we drove out to visit the Clarens Castle which is a self-catering guesthouse transformed into the fantasy story of Rapunzel, tower and all. There were guests so we could not get a close view. We drove up the Maluti Mountain to Bokpoort and stopped at De Ark mountain lodge for a drink. It seems the owners were out for the afternoon so they left the bar open to the residents based on an honouring system. There were some of the people sitting by the pool and they offered us some drinks. We sat enjoying the spectacular view which was so peaceful and quiet before heading off in search of The Titanic and we managed to find the Mushroom as well.


We watched sunset from the balcony of our unit and decided to have a little rest before dinner at The Crouse and Claret where I had a very tasty but extremely hot beef curry with poppadom and yellow rice. I had to have a milkshake to ensure I did not self-combust but it was still delicious. That was the end of a beautiful day!

6 thoughts on “Clarens, Free State, Day 2

    • Clarens is really great and I believe they cater for all so if you are an indoor or outdoor person – there is something for everyone and I think Fouriesburg (34 km from Clarens) and Lesotho (18km from Fouriesburg) which are so close can be great too but then a weekend is too short.

  1. We were just as amazed. Don’t know if it was something urgent the owners needed to go do and if the people staying there were regulars that they kinda knew but I also found it quite astounding.

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