Clarens, Free State, Day 3

We got up early as we planned to go to Fouriesburg at 8:00 (about ½ hour from Clarens) and maybe just across the border to Butha-Buthe in Lesotho having packed our passports. In the end we thought it may be too much of a push as we did not want to arrive home after dark so we decided to rather spend the morning in Clarens and save the rest for another visit. We had breakfast at XLNT and sat outside on the deck overlooking extreme sport activities such as paint ball, rock climbing, archery and zip line (which is like old school foefie slide but with two lines). We were tempted to do paint ball as we have never done it but were chicken in the end – eish!

I did some more shopping and we drove around town taking pictures before leaving just before 13:00. We thought we would go explore Bethlehem but that was a very disappointing town that didn’t really have anything to offer and all the shops were closed due to it being a Sunday so we could not even get some coffee at a coffee shop so we decided to just go home. We got back to Joburg just before 17:00 but what a great weekend. It was just too short. Clarens is really a very charming town that has something to offer everyone.



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